Birgit Neumann

Birgit Neumann is Professor of English Literature/ Anglophone Studies at the University of Duesseldorf and member of several international research networks; she had guest professorships at the Universities of Cornell/Ithaca and Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

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Rachel Dikul Baker

Rachel Dikul Baker is a Yolŋu woman from Galiwin’ku. She is a registered and very experienced Interpreter and she is also founder of Australian Woven Connections.

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Christine Ji

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Dr. Ji works on the development of advanced analytical instruments for translation studies, with a focus on developing research instruments for effective environmental and health translation and communication.

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Katherine Russo

Katherine Russo is an Italo-Australian scholar who has lived her entire life in between Italy and Australia. She received her PhD at the University of New South Wales (Sydney) with a thesis that investigated the use of Aboriginal English varieties in Indigenous Australian Literature, but also Indigenous/Non-Indigenous editorial and artistic collaborations.

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