Australian Studies Certificate

From Winter semester 2019/2020, students at the University of Cologne now have the opportunity to receive a Certificate in Australian Studies. This certificate complements the major and certifies the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in the field of Australian Studies. The certificate is available in conjunction with a multitude of courses, both from the regular curriculum and online courses developed by the Centre for Australian Studies. Students who have already completed courses in the area of Australian Studies may also retroactively receive this certificate.


12 LP (from 4 classes)

Required classes:

  •  1 online lecture series “Introduction to Australian Studies: Transdisciplinary Perspectives” (2 LP)
  • 2 seminars (basic and extension modules, online or regular) in relation to Australian studies (3 LP)
  • 1 exams colloquium
  • Written module exam in relation to Australian studies (3 LP)

The Certificate may be started at any time and can be completed without special registration. Award is through the Centre for Australian Studies.

For questions please contact: contact(at)