Badimaya/Yamatji academic, Dr Carol Dowling has worked in the field of Aboriginal Cultural Studies for over 28 years. Dr Dowling is visiting Cologne to represent her twin sister, Dr Julie Dowling who is one of Australia’s prominent portrait artists for her solo exhibition at Gallarie Seippel. This exhibition is about the untold history of Aboriginal slavery in Australia.  In her own right, Dr Carol Dowling is an Anthropologist having studied her doctorate on autoethnography of five generations of women in her maternal family. This study goes back to her great great-grandmother, Melbin, who was the first woman to have contact with white people in her family. One of the many stories passed down to the Dowling twins was that Melbin was taken to England as an exhibit in 1883. Dowling has come to Cologne to share her family story and to talk about the work she is doing at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia.

organised by Prof. Dany Adone and Melanie Brück

University of Cologne

27th June 2017, 2pm