Visit from Australian Delegation
In the course of the collaboration between the English Department I of the University of Cologne and the Australian Embassy, a delegation of members of the Australian Parliament paid a visit of courtesy to the University of Cologne on 20th October 2011. A meeting was organised between the Vice-Rector, representatives of other faculties and the International Office.
Participants: The Hon Dick Godfrey Harry Adams (MP, Member for Lyons, Tas), Prof. Dany Adone (Coordinator of the Australian Studies Programme, English Department I), Prof. Heinz Antor (English Department I), Dr. Claudia Becker (Speaker of the Vice-Rector), Christiane Biehl (International Office), Vice-Rector Prof. Michael Bollig, Senator Suzanne Kate Boyce (Senator for Queensland), Prof. Chris Bongartz (English Department I, representing the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Damien Miller (Representative of the Australian Embassador), Prof. Beate Neumeier (Coordinator of the Australian Studies Programme, English Department I), The Hon Ursula Mary Stephens (Senator for New South Wales), Matias Wolosewicz (Head of the ZIB, Faculty of Arts and Humanities).